Desired Articles for the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy on Medieval Authors and Concepts/Topics Important in Medieval Philosophy

Medieval Authors:

Alan of Lille

Albert the Great

Alexander of Hales




Boethius, Anicius Manlius Severinus

Boethius of Dacia

Buridan, John

Burley, Walter

Capreolus, John

Chatton, Walter

Dante Alighieri

Dietrich of Freiburg

Gaunilo of Marmoutiers

Gerson, John


Gilbert of Poitiers

Giles of Rome

Godfrey of St. Victor

Gregory of Rimini

Henry of Ghent

Hillel ben Samuel

Holcot, Robert

Hugh of St. Victor

Ibn Bajja

Ibn Daud

Ibn Gabirol

Ibn Tufayl

Isaac ben Solomon Israeli

Isidore of Seville

John of La Rochelle

John of Mirecourt

John of Paris

John of Salisbury

John Scotus Erigena

Kilwardby, Robert

Lull, Raymond

Marsilius of Inghen

Marsilius of Padua

Matthew of Aquasparta

Michael of Cesena

Nicholas of Autrecourt

Peckham, John

Peter of Ireland

Peter Damian

Peter Lombard

Peter of Maricourt

Peter of Spain

Phillip the Chancellor



Richard of Middleton

Richard of St. Victor

Robert Grosseteste


Ruysbroeck, John

Saadia Gaon

Siger of Brabant

William of Auvergne

William of Champeaux

William of Conches

William of Sherwood



Act and potentiality


Chartres, school of

Divine ideas

Divine illumination


Essence and existence

Form and matter

Individuation, principle of

Kalam, school of

Medieval empirical science

Medieval logic

Medieval theories of analogy

Medieval theories of beatitude

Medieval theories of conscience

Medieval theories of change

Medieval theories of creation

Medieval theories of impetus

Medieval theories of law

Medieval theories of the soul

Medieval theories of substance and accident

Medieval theories of universals


Supposition, theory of


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